Bad Rep of Ammys

By Real Riderz

Who even are they?

Wine drinking, money spending, non-pros. Ugh…what could be worse. They aren’t juniors, YRs, or pony riders either, at least those still have the potential to turn pro…right?

The world runs on amateurs, whether we like it or not. Without them the rich economy of the equine world would, simply put, no longer exist. The world is actually full of amateurs: in driving, in cooking, etc. So what makes the ones in the horse world that much worse?

There is this stigma that your equine life ends when you hit November of the year you turn 18. Yeah, no more Big Eq, Jr Jumpers, FEI CSIJ for those in Europe, etc. Sad life what can I say. But when you hit ammy phase you hit independence phase. Who said you can’t be pro after a few years being. Heck, who said being Ammy is bad at all? You could be that badass rich ammy, after some time grinding, buy a string of GP horses to jump in the 140cm+ FEI classes. Or maybe you could be that (once again badass) ammy that trains youngsters they bought with their own money. Life is still in your hands, no matter your status.

Ok real talk though, even if you don’t grind and be super badass, ammy life can be great. You get to enjoy the horses for just the horses and not the money. What could be more pure than that? Whatever your status: junior, pro, cool kid, or ammy, just relax and remember what we are all here for the horses.

That should settle the debate…

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