Western v. English: Which is Better?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

By: Anonz

This is it…let’s settle it.

Western: world of trail riding and quarter horses. We use groundwork and don’t bit up our horses to the extreme. This is land of hackamores. Our horses live outside because we aren’t afraid to let them…wait for it…be horses! We do this naturally and work with our horses. We don’t rollkur just for looks or use poling to make our horses perform better in the ring.

English: this is the sport for the elites, aka land of warmblood. We are the ones that have the fun, and don’t force our horses into a sliding stop. Our saddles are lightweight and fit the horse properly. We don’t starfish to chase time or wear felt hats instead of helmet. Our horses jump because they want to, not because we force them. Oh and, who said we don’t give our horses turn out?

Snobby elites! You said it yourself! You literally worship king of rollkur Edward Gal, absuing Totilas in front of the entire world. Not to mention Kocher and his electric spurs…how do you miss that? Horses swishing their trails, not going properly through the back in the eq ring and riders still being rewarded for it. What fun is that? Yeah and the hunter riders too. Leaning on the neck, unbalancing the horse, and drugging them up to the max (even with legal drugs). What kind of horsemanship is that?

Republican rednecks! That’s what you are! Don’t act like you don’t worship these so-called “natural trainers” and their disgusting methods. Think Clinton Anderson with his heavy hands and forceful ways. Not to mention your nine point spurs or whatever…I mean, why would you even need that? I’m not even going to mention any other names, because there are so many out there. You act as if rollkur only exists in our sport, but have you seen what some of the biggest reining trainers out there do? That is yet another example of rollkur! Your training is literally all force covered by the idea that western riders need to be “tough.” Choose your fights wisely, because you won’t win this one!

Right, now you are just flipping back my arguments onto me! How unprofessional and petty, just as expected from an English rider. You won’t mention other names because you simply don’t know. Goes to show how little you know. You act as if you don’t use spurs! Never answered why you use those big double bridled bits of yours. Belly guards are an English thing. Why do you need those? To protect “sensitive” horses from spur rubs. But have you thought that maybe you are too unqualified to use such spurs, especially if your dull roller spur is causing such bleeding? English riders are just scardey cats that create dull horses, and then put on spurs and whips to get them to go.

Right…don’t act like you didn’t start the namecalling. Who said all English riders use belly guards? And hey hackamores can be cruel too!

Ran out of words to say? Well…me too. Perhaps we should end the argument on this note and come to the agreement that problems exist on both side.

The debate is settled: from this point on, we can come to the conclusion that both Western and English riding have their flaws or you can make your own conclusions, but it won’t make the world a better place if you express your opinions like those depicted above.

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