New Year New You!

By Real Riderz

Here we go 2022!

This is a post just as a reminder to set your goals. It doesn’t have to be something big but it should be something that makes you a better rider, owner, client, trainer, and of course person.

So here are some goal ideas to get you started:

1. Jump a 1.30m course at competition by the end of the year.

2. Teach your horse how to do a solid half pass.

3. Learn how to make your own DIY horse treats.

4. Become more knowledgeable about the shoeing process.

As you can tell these goals can be quite varied. Some of them can fall more into the short term category while other can be more long term. This will depend on where you can your horse are currently at. For example goal 1 can be considered a short term goal if you are already jumping 1.20-1.25m consistently.

Once you have your main goal, break it down into part. For instance, if you have something like goal 2 in mind, break it down into easy steps and think about what you and your horse know what to do. You may start at something like turn on the forehand and shoulder fore and work towards shoulder in, haunches in and a leg yield. Or maybe you will opt to introduce a half pass on the ground first.

You may find you need to take a step back to move forwards. Anyone can make treats, but everyone can also butcher the treats. Your first attempt may be a complete fail, but what does it matter if you keep trying and continue building upon your skills by working on the basics.

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