Helping the Ukrainian Equestrian Community

By Real Riderz

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As Ukraine fights the war against Putin, the rest of the world needs to gather and think of ways we can help the people of Ukraine. The horse people are no exception, so here are a few ways that you can help out:

  1. Donate Supplies and/or Money

For those who are capable of contributing, donations to Ukraine may help the cause. Donations counting for feed through the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation can be found here. You can also contribute by making a Disaster Relief Gift through The Foundation for the Horse. The gifts recieved in March of 2022 will be donated to veterinary and equine communities in the EU which will be helping animals (including horses) which have been impacted by the crisis.

2. Spread Truthful (and Useful) Information

During war, truth becomes a little bit less clear. Besides spreading unbiased information on both sides, we need to spread information about how one can possibly help Ukrainians and their animals so that more donators can reach out, below are a few useful and verified sites:

Many people and coutries have already chipped in to help, and the equestrian community is no exception. There are hundreds of people offering transport at the border, stalls, and even job opportunites for those escaping. However, do note that we must also consider those less fortunate people of Ukraine who do not even have passports let alone cars to get out of the situation. The equine community (especially at the sports/recreational level) is fairly blessed financially speaking. Therefore, we must not forget about the people (and domestic animals) who do not have the chance to leave the country. Click here to see ways you can help the average people in Ukraine right now.

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