Kent Farrington Eyes

By Real Riderz

Well actually, you don’t need to have Kent Farrington eyes, you just need to keep your eyes up.

So what’s with the eyes? What’s the need to look up? And where do you even look? Well, just like you look where you go when you run or drive, we want to look where we want to go when we ride. However, that’s the simple answer.

When you look where you want to go, your body follows, which makes it clearer to the horse which direction you intend to go in. When making sharper turns, this is even more important because it gives your horse instructions instantly. So where do you want to look? To start, we want to look up and ahead, just above the ears or between them (depending on the horse’s head carriage at the moment). Besides looking just ahead, you want to plan your next move with your eyes. This means planning your track in your brain, and first riding it out with your eyes.

The sharper you are with your eyes, the sharper you are in your riding. This applies to just about anything in riding, but especially jump off rides in show jumping.

Happy riding and use those eyes!

Published by realriderz

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