Underrated People in the Horse World: Gina

By Real Riderz

Who is Gina?

Gina is a trainer who owns an 18 year old quarter horse which was taken from the kill pen. She was an eventer for a few years before switching to the hunter/jumper discipline and comepting all over the country.

What are some of the struggles you have encountered on your journey in the horse world? 

I am a victim of body shaming because people see me for my weight and nothing more. Many do not take me seriously because of my body type. They just see me as a body and ignore what I know.

What change(s) do you wish to see in the equine world? 

I wish to see more inclusivity and open mindedness in the horse world. I want to see the equine world become more accepting of everyone (males, transgender people, people of color, etc.) I think that the horse world is a bit stuck in the past because of the fact that it is an old sport. However, I do think these changes can happen, it’s just a matter of starting small and being open to something new.

Thank you Gina for the insight! If you would like to have a chance at being featured in the underrated people of the horse world column, fill out this form:


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