No Horse, No Rider

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By Real Riderz

This is for all those just getting started, if you’ve been in the horse world for a while, you can skip this one.

No horse, no rider means exactly what you think it means. Without the horse, the rider is just a person. Actually, the term “horseback rider” would not even exist in the first place. No horse means no jumping, no placings, no prize money, no business, no nothing. The horse is the god here.

No horse, no rider also means you are limited in what you can do based on the horse that you have. A horse that can only jump 90cm is a horse that can only jump 90cm. Especially if it is a horse with properly fitted tack, no health issues, good training, etc. This is something that many fail to consider when they first start riding. The chances of moving up the levels on a lesson horse are slim. Why? Because the lesson horse has many riders to train. If a lesson horse is used to their maximum potential in one lesson, then how will he/she have any energy left for the next client?

However, if you are one of the lucky riders that gets their own horse (or horses) and starts to move up, remember: no horse, no rider. That really is the main principal of the sport (and also why there are many great riders who have not reached their full potential as an athlete because of lack of horses that have the athletic abilities to reach those ranks).

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