FEI World Challenges

Photo by chris clark on Pexels.com

By RealRiderz

The FEI World Challenge program allows for riders (often living in more remote countries) with less experience in jumping/dressage to participate in international competitions. Riders can pariticpate in an international show without having to leave the country. In addition, if the rider qualifies for the FEI World Challenge Final, a horse is provided for the rider. The final is only open to 20 riders, which are the two best-placed from the highest category of jumping/dressage from the ten regional Zones

The competition is divided into ten geographical zones (each zone has four to ten countries). Riders can classify as a team (zone) or as individuals (within country, zone and category). The jumping competition has three different categories: A (1.20-1.30m), B (1.10-1.20m), or C (1.00-1.10m). The dressage compeitions offers Intermediate I, Prix St. George, Senior II, Senior I, and Youth categories. The show is divided into two age categories 12 to 16 years of age, and an over 16 years of age category.

For more information about the Jumping Challenge, visit: https://inside.fei.org/fei/disc/fei-world-challenge/jumping

For more information about the Dressage Challenge, visit: https://inside.fei.org/fei/disc/fei-world-challenge/dressage

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