FEI World Challenge Final

Photo by Kelian Pfleger on Pexels.com

By RealRiderz

This week (and coming weeks) on the FEI calender we have a lot of events going on: CSI5* Dinard, the upcoming World Championships, and of course the FEI World Challenge Final of 2022. An event that is barely talked about, but still quite interesting as it allows riders with less opportunities (less developed countries) to compete at the international level.

This years FEI World Challenge Finals for show jumping is happening in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Seventeen of the best riders in the World Challenge league have gathered to particpate in courses from 115cm to 120cm on borrowed horses provided by the host country. Twenty riders are invited to the final, they are selected based on the following criteria: the two best-placed riders from Category A from the 10 regional zones. The host country is entitled to have two of their own riders in the final. All riders are aged 15 and over. You can find more information in our previous article here.

The following is the list of participants and the horses they have drawn:

  • Marco Antonio Modesto Filho (Brazil) on Calistra (2009)
  • Vanesa Atanasova (Bulgaria) on Alegra (2016)
  • Erduhan Sami (Bulgaria) on Valesko T (1998)
  • Juan Felipe Gonzalez Cova (Columbia) on Larissa (2011)
  • Santiago Otero Montoya (Columbia) on Cronos (2015)
  • Ignacio Barreiro (Ecuador) on Mona Lisa (2008)
  • Alireza Khoshdel (Iran) on Leman (2012)
  • Layan Al Mommani (Jordan) on Darling (2006)
  • Zayd Reifhi Aloui (Morocco) on Caro (2016)
  • Jenna Gilchrist (Namibia) on Edy Kip Cool (2006)
  • Kate Alison (Namibia) on Kevoar (2013)
  • Alexandra Ric Hansen (Republic of South Africa) on Clada (2008)
  • Zandi Alcock (Republic of South Africa) on Nostradamus (2006)
  • Christie Paige Nair (Singapore) on Dars (2015)
  • Martina Rossi (Uruguay) on Cardino 14 (2009)

You can follow the livestream of Saturday’s and Sunday’s competition here:

For start lists/results, click here.

For more information about the scheduling, click here.


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