Why Legend Beezie Madden is Semi-Retired

By Real Riderz

A couple of days ago Beezie Madden’s team, John Madden Sales, posted this on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=628825461936108&set=a.209851630500162

The team announced that Madden was diagnosed with a benign tumor called Vestibular Schwannoma, which can impact her balance on some days. They first made this announcement in the Canadian Horse Journal, in which Beezie stated that somedays she feels excellent, while on other days she feels down due to this new obstacle in her life. Madden stated (for the Canadian Horse Journal): “At this moment I cannot focus myself to represent my country in team competitions. That is why I decided to set a step aside.” The sympotoms of this tumor (which includes loss of balance when person turns too quickly) is the main reason why Beezie has taken a step back from the top-level sport and moving up the FEI Longines Ranking, semi-retiring.

However, this challenge does not throw busy fully out of the game, as riding is actually recommended as part of the therapy process. The comments of the post are over flowing with support, and everyone is just relieved to hear that the tumor is not life-threatnening (and that busy will still be showing her excellent riding!) Right now, the team has shifted their focus on developing youngsters and training students. This allows for the Madden team to stay flexible and work through this new challenge in Beezie’s life without having to focus on deadline dates for championships.

Our team sends the best wishes to Beezie and her team, and we are happy to be able to keep track of her progress on the American circuit.


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