Helping the Ukrainian Equestrian Community

By Real Riderz As Ukraine fights the war against Putin, the rest of the world needs to gather and think of ways we can help the people of Ukraine. The horse people are no exception, so here are a few ways that you can help out: Donate Supplies and/or Money For those who are capableContinue reading “Helping the Ukrainian Equestrian Community”

Help! My Horse Won’t Go!

By Real Riderz Lazy horses, who hasn’t experienced one of those? Usually, dull horses are most commonly lessons horses, or horses ridden by people who are scared of lacking control. There are three causes for a dull horse: pain/poor care, imporper training, and incorrect riding. Pain and general discomfort is a factor which should beContinue reading “Help! My Horse Won’t Go!”

Too Much Talk Not Enough Game

By Real Riderz Everyone is an expert. On reddit, on twitter, everywhere. We have experts everywhere. Giving advice which nobody asks for in their quiet corner of the room. Now before you say that this blog does the same, consider this: we have made this our own corner, which you choose to go to. It’sContinue reading “Too Much Talk Not Enough Game”

Underrated People in the Horse World: Crystal D. Western

By Real Riderz Who are they? Crystal D. Western is a trainer and amateur rider. She began riding at the age of two and started showing at the age of five. She has shown western pleasure, slow gaited on Tennessee Walker, and in speed events. She has participated in events with barrels, poles, key holeContinue reading “Underrated People in the Horse World: Crystal D. Western”

Heels Down or Toes Up?

By Real Riderz Spoiler alert: both are potentially bad advice. Now whoa there! Don’t start putting your heels up (or toes down). However, one thing we need to understand is that the heels aren’t everything. I was at a hotel a few year ago packing, packing the car after a weekend of showing. One ofContinue reading “Heels Down or Toes Up?”

Riding is a Mental Game

By Real Riderz Are you mentally fit? A lot of rider problems come from the head, and as many of us probably know, emotions can be paralyzing. They can cause us to lash out or even stop reacting. Mental fitness is important for all athletes in every sport, and horseback riding is no exception. AContinue reading “Riding is a Mental Game”

Starting to Show: What you Need to Know (Jumping Edition)

By Real Riderz Our team has been on the circuit for years: local, rated, and international. This is the basic guide to what you need to know. For starters: your purpose. You may not know exactly what you want from showing now, but most people have a goal in mind. Some want to go fromContinue reading “Starting to Show: What you Need to Know (Jumping Edition)”

Fitness: Just Riding is Not Enough

By Real Riderz This is a hard to swallow pill, especially for people who do riding as their main form of physical activity. However, if you’re out of breath after each time you ride one horse, and can barely canter a few laps without the need to stop, this is a sure sign that yourContinue reading “Fitness: Just Riding is Not Enough”

Show Jumping Elite: America Edition

By Real Riderz Hamptons, Wellington, Devon, Upperville, Traverse city, you name it (oh and Europe for part of the season?) Think about it, the Americans have it tough. I mean they are separated from some of the greatest show jumping nations in the world, yet somehow they made it work. Although the Americans are competitiveContinue reading “Show Jumping Elite: America Edition”