New Year New You!

By Real Riderz Here we go 2022! This is a post just as a reminder to set your goals. It doesn’t have to be something big but it should be something that makes you a better rider, owner, client, trainer, and of course person. So here are some goal ideas to get you started: 1.Continue reading “New Year New You!”

Stopping without Reins

By Real Riderz Umm…what? Yeah, this is a revelation, but actually it isn’t. So pull the reins to stop and kick the ribs to go? Right? Wrong. Well in a way I guess: let’s review our natural aids. Eyes, arms, legs, and seat. Four terms that are, quite frankly broad. I mean, look with yourContinue reading “Stopping without Reins”

What Makes a Rider Pro?

By Real Riderz A trending topic (on reddit at least) and the short answer is: how good can the rider ride a different variety of horses in a certain discipline/situation. Yet, can we consider a rider pro/expert if they posess limited knowledge in horsemanship? Shouldn’t a pro be able able to identify health problems fromContinue reading “What Makes a Rider Pro?”

What is the Inside Rein for?

By Real Riderz Actually, the rider in the picture above is using a bit too much inside rein, but this is a common mistake and a free photo so what can you do XD So what is an inside? In easy terms, the inside is the side next to the arena center. The outside reinContinue reading “What is the Inside Rein for?”

Is There Any Use in Hunter/Equitation?

By Real Riderz Biased, fat-phobic, and incorrect. Is that what truly defines the Hunter/Equitation world? Before this post gets, hate, no I am not anti hunter/eq. As a matter of fact, I myself have started my riding career in the hunters and the equitation (and later jumpers). I have seen injustice in just about anyContinue reading “Is There Any Use in Hunter/Equitation?”

Grooms for Every Situation?

By Real Riderz I watched an FEI video with Matt Harnacke (link in a hot minute) where FEI teams did a tacking up challenge, and it struck me just how important grooms are at the top level. I mean, think of it this way, suppose you have a chain of GP horses to ride everyContinue reading “Grooms for Every Situation?”

LGCT: Just a Fad?

By Real Riderz Truly, one of the most well known leagues in the SJ world. It’s competitions all around the world: London, Miami, Shanghai, Doha, Prague, you name it. Some of the best riders comepte in these shows. They form teams within a subdivion called GCL (Global Champions League). There’s practically not a single personContinue reading “LGCT: Just a Fad?”

Deciphering Inside Leg to Outside Rein

By Real Riderz What the hell is it? Simply put: it’s when your horse feels more on the outside rein and is bent to the inside. But why? Why not ride with outside leg to inside hand? Well, you still need to use your inside hand and outside leg, but more for guiding purposes. ThinkContinue reading “Deciphering Inside Leg to Outside Rein”