Belly Bands

By RealRiderz Those elastic black stretching just behind the girth area to protect the horse from spur rubs. Lots of controversy surround belly band, yet they have quickly risen in popularity in the show jumping world (as they are banned in dressage land). So why would you use one? Some claim to have sensitive horsesContinue reading “Belly Bands”

Western v. English: Which is Better?

By: RealRiderz This is it…let’s settle it. Western: world of trail riding and quarter horses. We use groundwork and don’t bit up our horses to the extreme. This is land of hackamores. Our horses live outside because we aren’t afraid to let them…wait for it…be horses! We do this naturally and work with our horses.Continue reading “Western v. English: Which is Better?”

Bad Rep of Ammys

By Real Riderz Who even are they? Wine drinking, money spending, non-pros. Ugh…what could be worse. They aren’t juniors, YRs, or pony riders either, at least those still have the potential to turn pro…right? The world runs on amateurs, whether we like it or not. Without them the rich economy of the equine world would,Continue reading “Bad Rep of Ammys”

The Team Behind the Rider: Poor Kid Edition

By: Real Riderz I think we’ve all heard the story behind the riders at the top. They all preach about their team, and they are quite frankly not wrong. Afterall, there is a team behind every blue ribbon, starting from the horse and ending in the person who crafted the 5K USD Hermes saddle. OhContinue reading “The Team Behind the Rider: Poor Kid Edition”