What the Horse World is Missing 

By RealRiderz An elitist sport, the horse world already feels quite unachievable to many. Yet national and international organizations seem to have little care about this. So, what can be done to start changing this?  We should be hung my acknowledging organizations and programs which have been developed with aims in the right direction. ThisContinue reading “What the Horse World is Missing “

The Importance of Great Novice Equestrian Coaches

By RealRiderz The coaches that first introduce people to horses are often the most underrated, but they are the ones that can make or break a riders future.  Do you remember the first coach who put you on a horse? Sure he/she may not have been the one to take you to your first PrixContinue reading The Importance of Great Novice Equestrian Coaches

On the Bit: Mystery of Contact 

By RealRiderz Hands, most of us use them too much from the back of our horse.  When speaking about “working” the horse correctly, there is often one word that is least talked about and causes the most confusion: contact. Top trainers always say: you just have contact with the bit. Yet how one may attemptContinue reading “On the Bit: Mystery of Contact “

Why Legend Beezie Madden is Semi-Retired

By Real Riderz A couple of days ago Beezie Madden’s team, John Madden Sales, posted this on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=628825461936108&set=a.209851630500162 The team announced that Madden was diagnosed with a benign tumor called Vestibular Schwannoma, which can impact her balance on some days. They first made this announcement in the Canadian Horse Journal, in which Beezie statedContinue reading “Why Legend Beezie Madden is Semi-Retired”

Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals

By Real Riderz On July 27 through 31, a small, little known country called Bulgaria hosted a final featured on FEI. The final is called the FEI World Challenge Finals, and you can find more information about it here. In essence the final aims to create opportunity from lack of opportunity by giving riders withContinue reading “Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals”

FEI World Challenge Final

By RealRiderz This week (and coming weeks) on the FEI calender we have a lot of events going on: CSI5* Dinard, the upcoming World Championships, and of course the FEI World Challenge Final of 2022. An event that is barely talked about, but still quite interesting as it allows riders with less opportunities (less developedContinue reading “FEI World Challenge Final”

CHIO Aachen: Legendary Disaster?

By Real Riderz CHIO Aachen is a legendary competition, no doubt about. Compared to the Wimbledon of the horse sport, the most well known arena in the facility is the beautiful jumping stadium. It is surrounded by enormous grand stands with loud, cheering people. There is shopping and food and other events to look atContinue reading “CHIO Aachen: Legendary Disaster?”

New FEI Team Competition Opportunities

By Real Riderz A few days ago now, in Bojourishte, Bulgaria, European Equestrian Federation (EEF) launched a new competition format (called EEF Evolution League) which allows for less experienced riders in less developed nations to participate in FEI team competitions. Prior to this new development program,certain National Federations simply couldn’t host many Nation Cup competitionsContinue reading “New FEI Team Competition Opportunities”

Lesson Barns: The Killers of Horsemen?

By Real Riderz Ride and leave, that seems to be the philosophy of many lesson barns all over the world. So what is it that makes this ordeal seem so lucrative to many clients that want to ride? Time. Instead of spending thrity minutes before and thirty minutes after getting your horse ready and thenContinue reading “Lesson Barns: The Killers of Horsemen?”