Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals

By Real Riderz On July 27 through 31, a small, little known country called Bulgaria hosted a final featured on FEI. The final is called the FEI World Challenge Finals, and you can find more information about it here. In essence the final aims to create opportunity from lack of opportunity by giving riders withContinue reading “Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals”

FEI World Challenge Final

By RealRiderz This week (and coming weeks) on the FEI calender we have a lot of events going on: CSI5* Dinard, the upcoming World Championships, and of course the FEI World Challenge Final of 2022. An event that is barely talked about, but still quite interesting as it allows riders with less opportunities (less developedContinue reading “FEI World Challenge Final”

New FEI Team Competition Opportunities

By Real Riderz A few days ago now, in Bojourishte, Bulgaria, European Equestrian Federation (EEF) launched a new competition format (called EEF Evolution League) which allows for less experienced riders in less developed nations to participate in FEI team competitions. Prior to this new development program,certain National Federations simply couldn’t host many Nation Cup competitionsContinue reading “New FEI Team Competition Opportunities”

FEI Ukraine Solidarity Relief Fund: A Hoax?

By RealRiderz The war in Ukraine is, unfortunately, still ongoing and many people (and companies) have come together in an attempt to help Ukraine. People have donated money and time in an attempt to help provide relief to those that truly need it. FEI is no exception to this. FEI has created a fund (startingContinue reading “FEI Ukraine Solidarity Relief Fund: A Hoax?”

FEI World Challenges

By RealRiderz The FEI World Challenge program allows for riders (often living in more remote countries) with less experience in jumping/dressage to participate in international competitions. Riders can pariticpate in an international show without having to leave the country. In addition, if the rider qualifies for the FEI World Challenge Final, a horse is providedContinue reading “FEI World Challenges”

Grooms for Every Situation?

By Real Riderz I watched an FEI video with Matt Harnacke (link in a hot minute) where FEI teams did a tacking up challenge, and it struck me just how important grooms are at the top level. I mean, think of it this way, suppose you have a chain of GP horses to ride everyContinue reading “Grooms for Every Situation?”