On the Bit: Mystery of Contact 

By RealRiderz Hands, most of us use them too much from the back of our horse.  When speaking about “working” the horse correctly, there is often one word that is least talked about and causes the most confusion: contact. Top trainers always say: you just have contact with the bit. Yet how one may attemptContinue reading “On the Bit: Mystery of Contact “

Lesson Barns: The Killers of Horsemen?

By Real Riderz Ride and leave, that seems to be the philosophy of many lesson barns all over the world. So what is it that makes this ordeal seem so lucrative to many clients that want to ride? Time. Instead of spending thrity minutes before and thirty minutes after getting your horse ready and thenContinue reading “Lesson Barns: The Killers of Horsemen?”

Why You Should Trail Ride More

By Real Riderz Even if you’re more into comepteing and have high ambitions, staying close to nature should be something that you incorporate into your training routine on a weekly basis. Why? Because you will look epic like this guy in the picture above! Ok, well, real talk here: it’s great for your horses mentalContinue reading “Why You Should Trail Ride More”

FEI Ukraine Solidarity Relief Fund: A Hoax?

By RealRiderz The war in Ukraine is, unfortunately, still ongoing and many people (and companies) have come together in an attempt to help Ukraine. People have donated money and time in an attempt to help provide relief to those that truly need it. FEI is no exception to this. FEI has created a fund (startingContinue reading “FEI Ukraine Solidarity Relief Fund: A Hoax?”

Trying Horses: What You Must Know

By Real Riderz Trying a horse can be an exciting and a nerve-wrecking time. On one hand, you are getting a new partner, on the other hand, you are taking a risk. Here’s a what you need to know before, during, and after you try a horse. Before Make the goal and budget as clearContinue reading “Trying Horses: What You Must Know”

Underrated People in the Horse World: Connor

By Real Riderz Who is Connor? Connor is a junior show jumper who competes in the 3 foot (90cm) show divisions. He has be a part of the equine world for seven years. After retiring his older horse, he recently acquired a new horse named Hans. With Hans he has already achieved a milestone ofContinue reading “Underrated People in the Horse World: Connor”

Are You Making Your Horse Lame?

By Real Riderz Indirctly or directy, it is indeed a possibility that you as the rider, owner, groom, or even trainer could be having a detrimental impact on your equine partner. So what is it that we could be doing that could be leading to potential lameness? Well, simply said, it’s neglecting the details. TheseContinue reading “Are You Making Your Horse Lame?”

Show Jumping Elite: America Edition

By Real Riderz Hamptons, Wellington, Devon, Upperville, Traverse city, you name it (oh and Europe for part of the season?) Think about it, the Americans have it tough. I mean they are separated from some of the greatest show jumping nations in the world, yet somehow they made it work. Although the Americans are competitiveContinue reading “Show Jumping Elite: America Edition”

Is There Any Use in Hunter/Equitation?

By Real Riderz Biased, fat-phobic, and incorrect. Is that what truly defines the Hunter/Equitation world? Before this post gets, hate, no I am not anti hunter/eq. As a matter of fact, I myself have started my riding career in the hunters and the equitation (and later jumpers). I have seen injustice in just about anyContinue reading “Is There Any Use in Hunter/Equitation?”