Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals

By Real Riderz On July 27 through 31, a small, little known country called Bulgaria hosted a final featured on FEI. The final is called the FEI World Challenge Finals, and you can find more information about it here. In essence the final aims to create opportunity from lack of opportunity by giving riders withContinue reading “Thrills and Spills from the FEI World Challenge Jumping Finals”

Underrated People in the Horse World: Connor

By Real Riderz Who is Connor? Connor is a junior show jumper who competes in the 3 foot (90cm) show divisions. He has be a part of the equine world for seven years. After retiring his older horse, he recently acquired a new horse named Hans. With Hans he has already achieved a milestone ofContinue reading “Underrated People in the Horse World: Connor”

Stopping without Reins

By Real Riderz Umm…what? Yeah, this is a revelation, but actually it isn’t. So pull the reins to stop and kick the ribs to go? Right? Wrong. Well in a way I guess: let’s review our natural aids. Eyes, arms, legs, and seat. Four terms that are, quite frankly broad. I mean, look with yourContinue reading “Stopping without Reins”

LGCT: Just a Fad?

By Real Riderz Truly, one of the most well known leagues in the SJ world. It’s competitions all around the world: London, Miami, Shanghai, Doha, Prague, you name it. Some of the best riders comepte in these shows. They form teams within a subdivion called GCL (Global Champions League). There’s practically not a single personContinue reading “LGCT: Just a Fad?”