Show Jumping Elite: America Edition

By Real Riderz

Hamptons, Wellington, Devon, Upperville, Traverse city, you name it (oh and Europe for part of the season?)

Think about it, the Americans have it tough. I mean they are separated from some of the greatest show jumping nations in the world, yet somehow they made it work.

Although the Americans are competitive in the sport, it is evident by the type of people in the sport that this is largely thanks to financial reasons. Now, that is not to say that Europe’s elites don’t indulge in the sport, but to be fair, America is home to some of the richest people on earth, and quite a few off them have offspring show jumpers.

First name that may come to mind? Bill Gates and how daughter Jennifer. Another one? Kendall Jenner. Who else? Eve Jobs. Oh and let’s not forget Olympians Reed Kessler and Jessica Springsteen. This is the future of America: talented but what makes them different from the rest is their huge financial backing.

There are some things that many from other countries don’t understand about the equine world in America. The price for a weekend at a local AA (national show with decent prize money) is several thousands of dollars. The price for international shows? Astronomical. Especially compared to Europe, so no wonder why so many Americans escape there. I mean, first you buy a horse for the price of a penthouse in NY and then you pay for a show which will cover maybe 1/3 of the costs if you win the class?

What are the odds of sponsors noticing someone that isn’t already competing in the big class and winning. The truth is, the American system is flawed beyond words. Is it really about hard work if you already have an import from Eu jumping 1.45+? Is it really your work if the horse (having already jumped said heigh) is taken through his/her first GP by the rider?

The answer is yes and no. But the truth is that even though anyone can make it in any system, sometimes the progress is practically invisible because there are no trophies to show it. Well, if there’s anything you can take from this, it’s to not give up and look into moving to Europe.

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